driving with kids

Driving with kids

I seriously do not know which is more dangerous, driving under the influence, or driving with kids! It gets to a point where you need 3 more hands and an extra pair of eyes, and if possible a focused brain to do it all!

As a mother, you discover your talent of multitasking, but as a driving mother, you learn to master your talent.  Even your car is not only a mean of transportation anymore, it upgrades to become a changing room, a comfy crib, dinner table, homework station, music hall, battle field…you name it. I don’t think the car manufacturer ever thought of all these facilities which we, mothers, create.

There was a time when driving was “me time”; where I used to enjoy owning the road and listening to the music I like, and simply think about nothing. Driving with kids is more like a mission, mission impossible. I’ve had moments when I had my boy reviewing his homework in the backseat, then a sneeze comes in the way, and a tissue which is somewhere in my handbag is urgently needed, and you all know how long it takes to find anything in your bag. At the same time, my toddler was next to him, dropped her super tiny Shopkin, and of course starts asking for it loudly, before she can burst that cry out!

I am sure I am not alone, or at least I hope I am not alone, so please share your most awkward moments while driving with your little ones on board.


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