Guilty as charged

Guilty as charged – NOT!

Every mother can relate to the guilt feel that can go endless at some points, and this is not restricted to working mothers. It is a natural feeling that is generated in any occasion, not necessarily related to being away from your children.  You can feel guilty for having to leave your children while you work full time and spend most of their awake hours away from them. You can also feel guilty for shouting at them for dropping food in the living room, which usually kicks in after they fall asleep. There is also the financial guilt you feel when you are unable to provide them with that new toy they see in all stores. Guilty for feeding them junk, because sometimes you just don’t have time! Guilty for not taking them to every event they are invited to, because sometimes you just can’t keep up! Guilty for not understanding their 3rd grade math homework, because you hardly learned something this complicated in senior year! Guilty, guilty, guilty…no, NOT, never. Do not fall for that inner guilt feeling in you, just because its there, it means you are a real mom, a good mom.

You feel guilty because you care, because you want the best for them, because you want to give more. Turn your guilt into actions, better actions on your list for a better tomorrow.


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