Relocation with Kids

Relocation from one place to another involves a lot of consideration, both financial and emotional. Relocation can be a decision based on a better opportunity, a promising change, or an obligation as a result to severe circumstances which force one to relocate. In all cases, even the most exciting relocation opportunity can never be easy. Relocation with kids is a different story. It involves very detailed consideration, preparation and emotional readiness. Kids do adapt much easier that adults, but you have to manage it right.

My first relocation experience was a move to a nearby country which speaks the same language, and has somewhat similar culture, which made it a lot easier. Having a 3 year old child back then also made it less troublesome, which saved all the effort of moving schools, school reports, timing your move with the school year…etc. It was a nice experience and for me, being too fond of surfing the internet and discovering new things, and of course creating lots and lots of lists! I can’t deny feeling homesick, and at some points thinking if its worth raising a child away from real home and loving family. It is very controversial and I do not believe anyone can make a firm decision about it being right or wrong, about them feeling happy or satisfied regarding being relocated, especially when you have no deadline for this experience and there is the endless element of uncertainty which can affect your life progress and decision making, if not even stop them.

My first relocation experience lasted for almost 4 years, and then we decided to broaden our relocation horizon, and move to a different part of the world. We of course made a short stop in our home country, to settle a few things and spend quality time with family and friends, before we make the big move. Again, relocating with kids is planned ti take place, but this time it won’t be smooth: relocating with kids will involve 2 kids this time, with one of them at a school age. Now the lists will grow longer, and much more detailed. As much as I am excited, I admit I am scared. I love change, but I worry it will be too much of change. I am changing a continent, timezone, seasons, language, culture, lifestyle, and maybe even me. I need a new me to fit in my new home, I am determined to change to the better, but again I will fall in the dilemma of not overdoing it, as I am after all, relocating with kids. They need to have something to relate to, and if your kids are so attached to what they have, you will understand how almost impossible the smooth relocation might be, but let’s see.



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