The Workplace

We talk about human rights, we talk about equality, we strive for them, and some of us even dedicate their lives to establish them. But what about the workplace! Do you know that forward email we received a while back comparing the workplace to prison, and it ends up showing how prison is much better than your office. It was really funny, and unfortunately, it was really true!

Within the corporate environment, the employee is owned by the company. A company owns the employee’s time, money, career path, success, failure, self-respect, dignity…and whatever makes us human.
Within the corporate environment, we live to please our management. They decide our time, tasks, attire, communication, interaction…etc. They even decide how many days we get to be sick each year!
Some of us have lived in corporate environments all their lives, which they don’t even know how to live otherwise.

Success of the business is not determined by the hours we work, it is determined by the tasks we deliver, which ironically, corporations don’t seem too eager to control.


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