woman vs mommy

Woman vs Mommy

So I was reading an article while I had a few minutes of free time (while waiting for my son’s martial arts class) about what are the things men love the most about women. It goes from being outgoing, smart, relaxed…. and names all the good qualities a human being can ever have, ending up in being a risk taker. Of course these qualities start appealing to me, and my mind starts personalizing the article at one point, for sure with my own twist to the story. I will share with you how a mommy can still fit in the most loved qualities of woman. Below are some of the qualities and how they fit in a mommy’s daily life: Woman vs Mommy

Woman Mommy
Outgoing þ Never misses a birthday invitation

þ Always searching for family events nearby

þ On the lookout for kids shows and summer camps

Smart þ Figures out a 2nd grader’s math homework which is more complicated than what we learned in senior year
Relaxed þ Can enjoy a phone conversation throughout a tantrum going on in the next room
Creative þ Turns every object into the most interesting game to get a child to finish their plate
Practical þ Whatever you need, you will find it in my bag
Fun þ Animated movies night in! As fun as it gets!
Risk taker þ Potty-training – the ultimate risk taking experience in my life

Being a mommy does not cancel you from being a lovable woman after all 🙂


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