Fake it

Fake it

Parents are not allowed to lie, as a parent you are expected to always be honest to your child, but hey, nobody mentioned anything about faking. Just think about how many times during a single day you do not actually lie, but you do in fact “fake it”.

I fake it when I act so happy to start my morning preparing breakfast, rushing to get everything ready, and driving to school on time without missing a lunch box or forgetting to wear the P.E. uniform.

I fake it when I laugh when my son asks me to watch a YouTube video about 10 silliest snake jokes!

I fake it to pretend I actually believe in “sharing is caring” while I know this won’t be the case in the real adult world.

I fake it when I stress on the importance of learning geometry while I am positive nobody uses or remembers later on in life.

I fake it when I look in control yet in fact I totally lost it and I can’t even remember anything not on my checklist.

And at the end of day, once again, I fake it by pretending to be sleeping to get the little full of energy ones to also let go and fall asleep.

It’s a good “fake it” with no intention of harm whatsoever. It is a act like a mom sort of fake it, which I assume is part of parenthood.


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